Space Truck'n All Natural Vegan Hand Felted Soap

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Felted soap is simply soap wrapped in wool that has been matted together. It was used long before loofahs, shower poufs, and
washcloths. It’s slightly exfoliating, but still soft like a washcloth. It also removes the ever-present problem of slippery soap.

Wool is also naturally anti microbial and using a natural fiber on your skin is way better than using a synthetic bath lily...anytime! No germy mess! You will have to squeeze the water out of the felted soap after you are done so that the soap remains dry until your next shower. The felted soaps is like a self foaming bath lily/mitt. Simply wet the felted soap and rub in circular motions to create a bit of friction between the wool and the soap and viola, lather! Your soap will last longer in the shower too.

Fun Fact: History of Felting.....
Feltmaking is older than spinning and weaving and many cultures have legends about how of feltmaking was invented. Sumerians claim that the secret of feltmaking was discovered by Urnamman of Lagash, a traveler and a Sumerian a legendary warrior hero. Christians have legends that felt is an invention of Saint Clement or Saint Christopher. They both were fleeing from prosecution and they packed their sandals with wool to prevent blisters and make shoes more comfortable but at the end of their journey the wool turned into felt socks from the movement and sweat. *WE USE WATER AND GLOVED HANDS FOR FELTING* I promise!

The Vibes: Orange Zest


For best results: Keep soap out of direct water and store on a well drained soap dish! Use a loofah or exfoliating bath mitts for a super rich bubbly lather.

Most importantly, enjoy using all natural handmade products specially designed for your skin.

Average Weight 6.5 oz.

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